About Us

Melike Bozkurt has graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Musical Instrument Making department in 2015. Her main subject was stringed insturments like violin, cello and some bowed traditional instruments. During her education, she also had lessons in Germany, Markneukirchen Luthier School.
Erdem Temel is certificated music yoga teacher, sound technician and luthier.
As “Odr custom”, they started to build some design and ethnical instruments and to give some recycled instrument making workshops together. For 2 years, they were on the journey to Asia, which was trying to find their musical way on the road and ended in Japan. Right away they continue to produce their instruments in Japan and at the same time they learn how to make “shakuhachi” (traditional Japanese flute).
Mother nature gives us inspiration and shapes the materials that we are using for acoustic bodies like gourd and bamboo. They are not symetrical and calculated, each one of them is naturally unique. We are making our instruments with nature friendly and vegan materials.

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